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Wide Angle Tours can provide a unique and expert experience for travelers seeking the latest tourism trends. Expect an impeccable level of service from your initial contact to the final moments when our service concludes.

Our family of expert tour guides, drivers, and logistics team has owned Wide Angle Tours since its establishment in 1997, with deep roots in Miami’s tourism, professionalism, and culture spanning several generations.

Armed with specialist knowledge of the ever-changing trends, Wide Angle Tours has been serving clients for over 20 years. We can offer a distinctive and expert experience to modern national and international travelers.

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Expect a high level of service from your first point of contact to your last moments with Wide Angle Tours. Our travel company can tailor your entire itinerary, assisting you in choosing destinations that align with your preferences. Whether it’s exploring the Atlantic Ocean coastline, venturing south to the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico, or heading to Central Florida or the northern regions, we have you covered, departing from the vibrant Miami Metropolis in Dade County.

Wide Angle Tours offers invaluable personal support and advice, from customizing your expedition to organizing seamless airport meet-ups. Our passionate guides speak multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and more. Additionally, we provide efficient transportation and transfer services.

Wide Angle Tours can fulfill the transportation services our clients request. We maintain a fleet of luxury vehicles throughout the state of Florida.


With over two decades of experience in the travel industry, tourist services, and local tours in the southern regions of Florida, we have been inspired by the radiant allure of the tropics. We operate within the backdrop of the lush beauty of tourist destinations that revolve around the state of Florida. Wide Angle Tours stands as one of the leading specialists in personalized private tours in Miami-Dade.


Wide Angle Tours maintains an extensive network of dedicated tourism specialists, each possessing in-depth knowledge of the nation’s tourism landscape, culture, history, language, and current experiences. They view their creative roles as responses to the ever-evolving reality and the persistent need to embrace it. Every custom itinerary is meticulously crafted, featuring delightful accommodations and luxurious travel options, providing even the most discerning travelers the chance to completely immerse themselves in the enchantment, splendor, and magic of the Florida peninsula and its iconic tourist destinations.


Our Team

The Wide Angle Tours team is driven by passion and dedicated to delivering 100% with each of the guided tours we offer. Our team of professionals is characterized by great reliability, as well as a deep sense of respect and value for our clients. Whether you’re traveling individually or as a group, you can fully relax and enjoy a stress-free, inspiring, and truly unforgettable vacation.

At Wide Angle Tours, we are always eager to expand our team of expert tour guides and logistical support staff. If you are passionate about tourism and would like to join our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (305) 498-2432 or via email at

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Our experts carefully listen to your interests, offer their insights, and then create a tailored itinerary based solely on your preferences. They collaborate with you until every detail meets your satisfaction. We handle all your reservations and logistics, ensuring your care from the moment you step off the plane until your return. Whether you opt for guided experiences or a more independent journey, rest assured that we bring over 20 years of expertise and 24-hour support to navigate any unexpected situations.